Digital Avionics Validation Handbook

Digital Avionics Validation

The Official Handbook on CD-ROM

The document used by FAA engineers for certifying avionics systems.

The most comprehensive text ever written on digital avionics, it consists of two volumes for a total of 3000 pages. It covers hundreds of subjects of interest to engineers, manufacturers, installers and others concerned with software-driven avionics. Its authors are drawn from two dozen major aerospace organizations in government and industry.

For the first time, the handbook is offered on CD-ROM---eliminating 13 pounds of paper and reducing the original cost of $274 by two-thirds. The complete set, published exclusively on CD-ROM by, is priced at only $79.

Just as important, the CD-ROM enables you to instantly retrieve information anywhere in 33 chapters, 6 appendices and several glossaries. Every subject has a hypertext link---just click and you're at the topic of interest. You can also key in any combination of words to rapidly search the whole document. For the first time, an encyclopedia of digital avionics is at your fingertips to consult on design, engineering, software, reliability, certification and other vital issues. Major highlights of the 2-volume set include:

Volume 1

Validating Digital Systems in Avionics

  1. Introduction
  2. Applicable Documents
  3. System Life Cycle (Overview)
  4. Mission Factors
  5. System Architectures
  6. Crew Workload Evaluation
  7. Issues
  8. Known Concepts/Methodologies
  9. Current Validation Procedures
  10. Recommended Validation Procedures
  11. Recommended Configuration Management
  12. Aircraft Electrical Power Systems
  13. Electronic Engine Controls
  • Appendices
  1. Examples of Formats for Documentation
  2. Reliability Analysis Models, Fault Trees,
    Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Synopsis
  3. Fault Tree Example
  4. Advisory Circ. 25:1309 Sys Design Analysis
  5. Advisory Circ 20-115 on RTCA DO- 178
  6. Software Metrics
  • Glossary

Volume 2

Digital Systems Validation Handbook

  1.  Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Integrated Assurance Assessment
  4. Quadruplex Digital Flight Control System
  5. Advanced Fault Insertion & Simulation
  6. Digital Databuses for Aviation Applications
  7. Analytical Sensor Redundancy
  8. Estimation and Modeling for Real-Time Software Reliability Models
  9. Fault Tolerant Software
  10. Latent Faults
  11. Aircraft Electromagnetic Compatibility
  12. Fast Rise-Time Transients in Aircraft
  13. Lightning Studies
  14. High Energy Radio Frequency Fields (HIRF)
  15. Electromechanical Actuator Systems
  16. Advanced Validation Issues
  17. Software Quality Metrics
  18. Avionic Data Bus Integration
  19. Pilot-Vehicle Interface
  20. Artificial Intelligence with Applications for Aircraft

Digital Avionics Validation
Handbook on CD-ROM

  • Pages: 3000
  • ISBN.: 1-885544-13-8
  • Cat. No.: VAL-CD
  • Price: $95.00
  • Sale: $79.00