Airborne Weather Radar Pilot Manual

Airborne Weather Radar Pilot's Manual

An illustrated Course
onThunderstorm Hazard Avoidance

By Archie Trammell


Practical pilot training by the best-known expert on avoiding convective storms. Based on the author’s 35 years of research, and 4000 hours in flight.

Contains Mr. Trammell’s exclusive Objective Storm Hazards Indexing Test, and his copy-righted Simplified Method of Tilt Management.
Weather Radar Contents
On CD, it’s the equivalent of a two-semester university course. This is the same instruction given to pilots of American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, NASA, Astronauts, FAA Flight Personnel and thousands of corporate pilots.

As quoted in Flying Magazine, Mr. Trammell said, “In a normal year, only 3 or 4 incidents found pilots flying into the tops of thunderstorms and experiencing severe turbulence. During 2014 there were 13 turbulence upsets.” Such incidents can hospitaliize crew and passengers, and require additional aircraft inspections.

Airborne Weather Radar

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