PMA Guidebook Book Cover

PMA Guidebook

(Parts Manufacturer Approval)

This book walks you through each PMA step, giving practical examples of letters, product illustrations, tech manuals, service bulletins and forms.

How to meet FAA requirements for components not covered by a type certificate, approved inspection system or TSO.

Every major event for obtaining a PMA certification is explained. Beginning with a review of the approval process, the text covers regulations and standards. This is a practical book, describing what to expect during your first phone call to an aircraft certification office (ACO), through to the final audit phase.

The text discusses each requirement of a certification package; how to write a Fabrication Inspection System manual, and how to describe manufacturing processes, supplier control and tech manuals. It tells how to avoid pitfalls such as overly complex procedures and inadequate instructions---to avoid repeating common mistakes.

A comprehensive work to help speed product certification.

PMA Guidebook

  • Cat. No.: PMA-001
  • Pages: 205
  • Price: $149.00