Fundamentals of High Accuracy Inertial Navigation Cover

Fundamentals of High Accuracy Inertial Navigation

by Avril B. Chatfield

The Editorial Board is represented by Lockheed Martin, University of Michigan, Texas A&M, Draper Laboratories, US Air Force Academy, MITRE, Pennsylvania State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Written for students and engineers, this book covers physical and mathematical principles which define INS systems.

The text is divided into three parts: inertial navigation, inertial navigation with aids, and accuracy analysis.

This book is intended for third or fourth-year engineering students, as well as professional engineers and scientists trained in mathematics, control theory, analytical mechanics, geodesy, or physics. It is a valuable text for anyone with a need to understand inertial navigation principles.

Major Topics

  • Inertial Navigation
  • Notation, Coordinate Systems, and Units
  • Equations of Motion in a Central Force Gravity Field
  • Inertial Instrumentation
  • Calibration
  • Initial Alignment and Attitude Computation
  • Geodetic Variables and Constants
  • Equations of Motion with General Gravity Model
  • Inertial Navigation with Aids
  • Inertial Navigation with External Measurements
  • Error Equations for the Kalman Filter
  • State Variable Error Models
  • Accuracy Analysis
  • Accuracy Criteria and Analysis Techniques
  • Error Equations for Calibration, Alignment, and Initialization
  • Evaluation of Gravity Model

Fundamentals of High Accuracy
Inertial Navigation

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