EFIS System Book Cover

Designing EFIS System

Building and programming a Synthetic Vision and Information System.

by James P. Hauser, Ph.D.

Includes Workbook and CD

A 175-page workbook describes each phase of development of an EFIS system; designing the graphical interface, configuring hardware and implementing data sources.

The book is accompanied by a CD with source code for each program EFIS CD described in the text.

Designing an EFIS System: Building and Programming an SVIS

The first book to explain, step-by-step, how to construct, and write software for, an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). This PC-based system displays 3D terrain, attitude and heading, navigation and other data. The book also describes how to assemble and configure hardware for the system.

A CD included with the book contains all source code for programs shown in the book----greatly simplifying the design task. As an example, the CD also contains a dynamic display of an airplane on final approach to a runway, showing symbology in motion.

All required software is freely available; no proprietary programs are needed. Software may be modified and redistributed without fees.

The book and CD are recommended for anyone who needs to understand---or design---the electronic display of information, the most important advance in cockpit technology in 25 years. Information in the book and CD can also be used to design a visual interface for flight simulation.

Written by James P. Hauser, Ph.D, former teacher of Avionics Systems Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School. A graduate of the Air Force Academy and former USAF pilot, Jim Hauser is now president of AeroSpectra, an engineering design and consulting firm in avionics.

The 175-page book is divided into six parts:

  1. System Overview
  2. Pilot-Visual Interface
  3. Building and Configuring the Hardware System
  4. Programming an Operational EFIS
  5. Interfacing to Hardware Data Sources
  6. Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems

Designing EFIS System

  • Cat. No.: EFIS-01
  • Pages: 175 + CD-ROM
  • Price: $95.00

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