Avionics Training System Installation

Avionics Training:

Systems, Installation & Troubleshooting

A hands-on approach to avionics. Each chapter explains a system, how it works, then how to install it and check for trouble.

No complex schematics or math. Over two dozen systems are explained in clear photos and pictorial drawings---in full color.

Covers conventional avionics, right up through  the latest GPS, electronic instruments (EFIS) and satellite nav and com.

This is a practical book that shows how and where to run wires, install instruments, avoid interference and check for problems. Covers today's practices for the avionics industry.

It's all there---navigation, communications, radar surveillance, collision avoidance, crash recorders, weather radar---and much more in 29 chapters.

This book is recommended for students, A&P mechanics, engineers, training departments, marketers and people entering the avionics field

Avionics Training:

  Systems, Installation &

  • Cat. No. AT-02E
  • Pages: 320
  • Price: $64.00
  • ISBN: 1-885544-21-9