Avionics Marketing Book Cover

Avionics Marketing Airline Edition

How to sell to the $10 billion airline avionics industry

The Authors:

Len Buckwalter, has written about the industry for over 20 years.

Frank S. Chandler: Avionics Engineering Manager of American Airlines for 14 years and winner of the most prestigious avionics award, "Volare," from Airline Avionics Institute.

Covers technology now in demand

Systems and components of current interest to the airlines are described in a "Most-Needed Products Section".

The airline business "culture"

How do airlines buy electronics---what are pricing and bidding practices---how does a supplier meet airline performance standards? These questions are answered by experts.

Tells where the opportunities are

The airline market is changing; tighter economics, new technology and more efficient operations. These issues are examined from a marketing point of view.


Directories on world airline fleet and other buyers

This book leads you step-by-step through the process of surveying product possibilities, airline negotiation, meetings to attend, airline standards and more.

Avionics Marketing -
Airline Edition

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  • Pages: 246
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