Avionics Installation Handbook Cover

Avionics Installation Handbook

Second Edition

Extensively Revised

488 Pages of Practical information--- at your fingertips

Over 334 pin connection diagrams for most General Aviation avionics: navcoms, transponders, indicators, ADF, glideslope, DME, autopilots, Loran, GPS, audio panels, encoders, intercoms and weather detection. Includes GPS/navcoms.


Ten chapters on selecting wire, connectors and contacts, coaxial cable, case sizes and useful conversion factors. No theory---just solid reference material usually found scattered through many volumes.

This information was selected after 20 years of experience as the most valuable content for a single, handy reference. All installations must follow the manufacturer's guidance, but you'll save time and effort with the familiarization possible with this data-filled volume.

Avionics Installation Handbook: Pin Connection Diagram

Hundreds of pin connection diagrams give details for most makes and models.


Click here to see a complete list of pin connection diagrams in the book.


  1. Wiring Practices
    • Circuit protection devices
    • Switches
    • Electric Wire, voltage drops, current
    • Aircraft Electrical Wire (sizes)
    • Wire size charts
  2. Aircraft Wire Specifications
    • Color guide
    • Fluorocarbon Insulated Tefzel
    • Polyimide Insulated Kapton
    • Shielding and Jacketing Code
  3. Connector Guide
    • Connector series and part numbers
  1. Contact Selection Guide
  2. Coaxial Cables
    • Data and cross-reference
  3. Working with Decibels
  4. Radio Frequencies
  5. Conversions
    • Pressure, Altitude, Airspeed
    • Standard Atmosphere
    • Airspeed Equivalents
  6. ATR (ARINC) Case Sizes
  7. Mode C Pulse Positions
  8. Pin Connections – by Manufacturer
  9. Pin Connections – by EquipmentType

Avionics Installation Handbook

  • Cat. No.: AIH-2
  • Pages: 488
  • Price: $75.00