Avionics Installation Handbook Cover

Avionics Installation Handbook

Fourth Edition

Extensively Revised

488 Pages of Practical information--- at your fingertips

Over 334 pin connection diagrams for most General Aviation avionics: navcoms, transponders, indicators, ADF, glideslope, DME, autopilots, Loran, GPS, audio panels, encoders, intercoms and weather detection. Includes GPS/navcoms.


Ten chapters on selecting wire, connectors and contacts, coaxial cable, case sizes and useful conversion factors. No theory---just solid reference material usually found scattered through many volumes.

This information was selected after 20 years of experience as the most valuable content for a single, handy reference. All installations must follow the manufacturer's guidance, but you'll save time and effort with the familiarization possible with this data-filled volume.

Avionics Installation Handbook: Pin Connection Diagram

Hundreds of pin connection diagrams give details for most makes and models.

Now offered only for download as an eBook, compatible with cellphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.


Click here to see a complete list of pin connection diagrams in the book.


  1. Wiring Practices
    • Circuit protection devices
    • Switches
    • Electric Wire, voltage drops, current
    • Aircraft Electrical Wire (sizes)
    • Wire size charts
  2. Aircraft Wire Specifications
    • Color guide
    • Fluorocarbon Insulated Tefzel
    • Polyimide Insulated Kapton
    • Shielding and Jacketing Code
  3. Connector Guide
    • Connector series and part numbers
  1. Contact Selection Guide
  2. Coaxial Cables
    • Data and cross-reference
  3. Working with Decibels
  4. Radio Frequencies
  5. Conversions
    • Pressure, Altitude, Airspeed
    • Standard Atmosphere
    • Airspeed Equivalents
  6. ATR (ARINC) Case Sizes
  7. Mode C Pulse Positions
  8. Pin Connections – by Manufacturer
  9. Pin Connections – by EquipmentType

Avionics Installation Handbook

  • Cat. No.: AIH-4E
  • Pages: 488
  • $65.00