Aircraft Instruments and Integrated Systems Book Cover

Aircraft Instruments
      & Integrated Systems

Operating theory and construction of instruments; mechanical, electromechanical and electronic. Covers EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)

How information is indicated: on instruments (circular, straight and digital), scales and ranges

Display technologies: LED, LCD, CRT, digital, head-up, panel lay-outs, plumbing systems

Students, engineers and technicians: Keep up-to-date on every conventional and new flight deck instrument---and how they are integrated with other aircraft systems.


E. H. J. Pallett, Fmr Civil Aviation Authority, UK. Mr. Pallett is also author of "Aircraft Electrical Systems" and other aviation textbooks.


  1. Gyroscopic instruments
  2. Air data instruments
  3. Direct-reading instruments
  4. Synchronous data
  5. Digital data transfer
  6. Magnetic heading
  7. Flight directors
  8. Inertial navigation
  1. Electronic displays
  2. EFIS
  3. Engine instruments
  4. Fuel quantity indicators
  5. Engine power and control
  6. Airframe instruments
  7. Flight management systems


  • Tables on Mach number/airspeed, temperature/resistance, temperature/millivolts, dielectric consltants and fuel densities, symbols, abbreviations, logic gates and truth tables, acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Illustrated with tables, charts, block diagrams, photographs and schematics.

Aircraft Instruments &
Integrated Systems

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