Aircraft Electrical
               Systems Book Cover

Aircraft Electrical Systems

Third Edition

Electrical Power in Aircraft - How It's Generated, Distributed and Used

Up-to-date information on principles and application of equipment for the generation, distribution and utilization of electrical power. This edition adds digital signal processing and other new developments.

Ten Appendices:

Electrical and Magnetic Units, Power in AC Circuits, Connecting Capacitors and Inductors, Fundamental AC circuits, Conversion Factors, Power Generation in typical aircraft, Symbols, Ice/Rain Protection, Abbreviations/Acronyms, Logic/Truth Tables.


E. H. J. Pallett, Frmr Airworthiness Div., Civil Aviation Authority, UK.


  • DC
  • Supplies
  • AC Supplies
  • Power Conversion
  • Auxiliary Power
  • Power Distribution
  • Circuit Control
  • Circuit Protection
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Warning Indicators
  • Power Utilization by
  • Systems and Motors
  • Electrical Diagrams

Aircraft Electrical Systems

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