About Us

Launched in 1993, avionics.com has continuously served the technician, engineer and pilot with avionics information and training for 30 years.  Our publications are in worldwide use by schools, corporate training departments,  the military  and government agencies.

     Our leading publications were written by the avionics.com staff,  each with at least 20 years’  experience in theory and practice  Our titles consistently score among the highest on Google and Amazon searches for “avionics.”

     For example, “Avionics Training: Systems, Installation and Troubleshooting” is the most widely used avionics text in aviation technical schools.

     For engineers, “Principles of Avionics”  (now in its seventh printing)   is the best-selling book on avionics theory.

     On the practical side, our “Avionics Installation Handbook” is valued by thousands of technicians for its hundreds of wiring diagrams on popular avionics equipment.    

     Avionics.com was founded by Len Buckwalter, former Publisher and Editor of Avionics Magazine, having  served in that position for 15 years.   He’s an instrument-rated pilot with 3,000 hours, has written over two thousand articles, published 21 books and was president of an FAA-certified avionics shop. After graduating from New York University, he served in the military as an Air-Ground Communications Chief in the U.S. Signal Corps in the Far East.  He began his career in publishing as the Technical Editor of Electronics Illustrated, a “how-to” newsstand magazine.

     As avionics.com approaches its 30th year online, we are responding to the remarkable ability of  the Internet to deliver information in new and exciting formats;  training by video, interactive multimedia for high interest, and tools for tapping  into large databases to instantly retrieve the information you need. There’ll be a forum to share interests--- whether you design, build, fix or fly  avionics.

     Have a question?….need information?….want us to cover a subject?   We’d like to hear from you!